LunchiesDogAngl's journal

a.k.a. John a.k.a. Jcollie719

John a.k.a. jcollie719
15 January 1971
I enjoy comedy and attending furry meets/conventions and going on cruises (when I can afford them.)

Decode my furcode:
FCf6c A- C- D H+ M? P+ R T+ W-- Z- Sm RLMC a+ cmn++ d-- e+ f h- i++ j p** sm

My main fursona is Jerzei the collie. Alternate fursonas I have include Metal Dawg (based on my Chinese zodiac sign,) Racoco the white and green-striped tiger, Kukido (Cookie Dough) the leopard and Mel O. Yellowtail the polar bear. I'm employed part-time on weekends as a radio announcer. I'm still looking for a weekday job, so I can't afford to order a fursuit at the moment.

My "human" Twitter account is @jtr115 and my "furry" account is @jcollie719, though there is some overlap between the two. The @jcollie719 account will occasionally have NSFW Tweets, but I try to limit those to late at night.