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"Bubba & Dubya" gets a spinoff

I can't really go into details about this, but I will be unemployed by the end of this year. Though I would no longer be a paid employee, I said I would be willing to be put on the volunteer substitute list for music shows. I also offered to fill in for other paid workers during the months I have left as a paid employee. I guess my streak of being laid off at the end of a presidential term is still going. Coincidentally, I had also planned and paid for a cruise prior to my last layoff in 2008.

While I'm sad about losing a great job, my weekends will soon be free for more of the fur meets and singles meets. Also, if I need to make extra money, I could always sell things at the flea market or a community garage sale (both of which happen on weekends only.) The downside is my plans to attend Furry Fiesta and/or BLFC next year will likely be affected.

Speaking of work, I noticed the same episode of "All Songs Considered" was loaded twice instead of two different episodes. This happens occasionally, and I noticed it ahead of time this time. I brought up a different episode on the studio computer and played that during the second half-hour. (Someone else screws up, I fix it, I get laid off. Hmmmm...)

P.S. The "Bubba & Dubya" reference is from an LJ post in September 2008. I don't know if The Jeffersonswould be a model for an Obama spinoff, but maybe 227.

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