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Back in the "Fun Zone" after a decade

As always, "Weird Al" Yankovic put on a great show in Denver last night. (Two, actually.)

I didn't know that a 4 PM show had been added after the 6:30 show sold out.  I had arrived at the Paramount Theater around 5:50.  The early show patrons took longer than expected to exit the theater, keeping the 6:30 ticket holders waiting outside until about 6:40 and pushing the start time to 7:30.

Speaking of "Dare To Be Stupid," someone across the street from the theater before the show was carrying a large flag with a picture of a middle finger and the phrase "Fuck cops."

Several people in the crowd wore homemade tinfoil hats, including one lady who had a hat resembling a pirate ship.  Others brought plastic/LED light sabers or wore something related to one of Weird Al's songs.  I wish I would have worn one of my Hawaiian shirts; that would have at least fit in with the opening song "Tacky."  I thought about wearing my kigurumi, but that would have made the pre-show wait outside more uncomfortable.  One of the "medley" portions of the show was done in an "MTV Unplugged" style and included the classics "Eat It" and "I Lost On Jeopardy!"  For an encore, the group performed "The Saga Begins" and "Yoda."

The next time I see a Weird Al show (hopefully it won't be another 10+ years,) I'll try to get a seat in the center section near the front.  I don't know if this officially has a name, but for Weird Al shows I call it the "Fun Zone" since anything thrown/launched into the audience (water, confetti, etc.) usually lands there.

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