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Wake the kids, phone the neighbors...

PAY for Wednesday, May 20th: 1 hour (12:30-1:30 PM)
Thursday, May 21st: 3.5 hours (1:30-5 PM)

"...or are you just happy to see me?"

David Letterman's final Late Show is about to start here. I began watching Dave's NBC Late Night show in 1986, when I was in 9th grade. When I learned the date of Dave's birthday, I had sent him homemade birthday cards courtesy of my family's Apple II Plus and "Print Shop."

I started to practice stand-up myself in high school, performing a 4-5 minute act for the school talent show. It seemed funny at the time (as hacky as it was) and the audience seemed to like it.

People said my voice would be perfect for radio, which I began studying in college. Locally at the time, a duo called "The Mark Brothers" (Mark Stevens and Mark Goldberg) had the local "zany" morning show. I loved many of the bits they did, including some I later discovered were actually Bob & Tom Show bits. I worked with Mark Goldberg briefly in the 2000s at KRDO-FM and later at KRCC, actually showing him how the control board was laid out.

My path to becoming a DJ took longer than I expected, not actually getting my own (paid) on-air shifts until 2002, but my weird sense of humor was shaped in part by David Letterman, Johnny Carson and many of the comics that appeared on their shows.

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