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Furry Fiesta 2015 recap

Mighty glad to be back where I belong at Furry Fiesta!


I had to take a cab to the airport since my car is in the shop. The plane for my first flight (Colorado Springs-Denver) took off 35 minutes late but arrived in Denver only a few minutes behind schedule. The connecting flight to Dallas took off on time and arrived 20 minutes early. While waiting for my SuperShuttle, I got a text reading "Hello from van #399." I wondered why a shuttle driver would text that, then I recognized the phone number as Growly's. I went to bed early due to having a couple of drinks and a huge dinner.


I fell asleep during the afternoon, missing the beginning of Bucktown Tiger's concert. I stayed to catch the concerts of Pepper Coyote and Bandthro. This is the first time I've seen most of the musicians in person. After returning to my hotel room, I read a Tweet about Bucktown playing one of the lobby pianos. I went back down to hear him, then went to a room party and a poker game with him.


Bucktown gave me his new "Purrfect Pitch" CD and a Paw Recognize Paw cap in the Dealers Den (Thank you!) I went to the Guest of Honor lunch at Maggiano's Little Italy. Following the Matthew Ebel concert, I had dinner/drinks with him and a few others. I got to meet YiffSkritchMurr then. I went to bed after visiting the "cub hub" and another room party.

SUNDAY (a.k.a. From Furries to Flurries)

I didn't know Dallas actually had Winter! Many folks went home today to beat the snowy weather. The news said hundreds of flights out of DFW were delayed or canceled. Thankfully my flight still left Monday (though it was delayed due to waiting for de-icing.) I ended the night listening to The Rabbit Hole and the beginning of Doggy Radio before bed.


I waited in the hotel's lobby bar for my SuperShuttle to the airport after checking out. Growly came down and said his SuperShuttle was canceled. I had gotten an e-mail saying my shuttle was scheduled to arrive, but I called the company to find it had been canceled as well. Growly, another fur and I shared a cab to the airport since our flights took off within an hour or two of each other. After my flight landed in Denver, the flight attendants, a United e-mail and DIA's departure screens said my connecting flight would take off from gate B84. After getting there, the screens and another e-mail said the gate was changed to B48. Luckily, the two gates aren't too far apart.


Heard live again: Bucktown Tiger, Matthew Ebel
Heard live for the first time: Runtt, Fox Amoore, Rhubarb the Bear*, Cosmik, Amadhia, Pepper Coyote, Alexander James Adams.
The furs I met/re-met included: Krystal_Aristokats, GlacierPaws, YiffSkritchMurr, StratosfearTully, Azal and KuddlePup.
* I saw "Julie Bunny Must Die" at Oklacon 2011, but this was the first all-music performance by Rhubarb I've seen live.

It's nice to have a vacation where I'm not cutting corners or worrying about a budget.

My room was on the party floor, so I went to sleep late due to all of the "boom-boom-boom" down the hall (There was also lots of loud music!)

This is the first vacation/convention where I actually weighed less afterward, losing 3 pounds. The chilly weather discouraged me from going out to eat (even to the food trucks that stopped by.) I had much less soda than usual, having water and juice with many meals. The lack of caffeine caused me to feel tired more often, requiring a nap or two each day. Most of the breakfasts/lunches I had were in Rim's cafe, so mainly oatmeal, sandwiches and coffee.

I needed seat belt extensions on two of the four flights I took. The flights using CRJs (Canadair Regional Jets) had seat belts which accommodated my fat gut. I paid extra for Economy Plus seats to get more legroom, but they're still the same width as regular Economy seats. If I'm unable to get my weight below 260 by the next time I fly, I'll consider flying First Class just to avoid the embarrassment of crowding someone else's seat.

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