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Weekly calorie average: 1,777.1
Days above 2,000 calories: 1 (2,290)

I brought my car in for a long-overdue oil change Saturday. While waiting at the shop, another customer began a conversation with me about Subarus. He commented about how reliable and durable they are, but how maintenance is more expensive compared to other brands due to needing specialized parts. Given the fact that my Impreza is nine years old, is still in great shape and has only 65,000+ miles, it should last at least another 10-15 years (as long as I don't total it like I did my previous car.) The other customer said I could get a small truck or SUV and drive that during the summer, then use my Subaru during the winter. I'd obviously need to get a second job, finish paying off my debt and possibly move into a house/townhouse with a garage before considering a second vehicle.

Duct tape would be a good metaphor for my life at the moment. I haven't literally needed it for anything, but I've needed to put off replacing/repairing/upgrading certain things due to lack of funds. My car actually needs a new battery, but my budget was stretched enough with the oil change and changing some of the other fluids.

It's a bit sad when I receive e-mail notifications of a LiveJournal member's birthday, only to find the person hasn't posted a message in at least 3-4 years.

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