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Fitting in more and having more fun

It's hard to believe I was in Florida just 12 hours ago. There were a couple of weather-related delays on the trip home. I was supposed to arrive back at DIA at 11:15 PM, but I got in around 1 AM.

Saturday: EPCOT at Disney World
The wait time for the Soarin' ride was 120 minutes, so the group decided to skip it. I had been on the Soarin' ride at California Adventure back in 2001. Instead, we saw the "Circle Of Life" film featuring Timon, Pumbaa and Simba from "The Lion King."
Briefly walked through the "countries" before stopping in the Mexico section for lunch. After lunch, the group went back and spent more time in the other country sections.
We ended the EPCOT trip on the "World of Tomorrow" ride inside the huge disco ball at the entrance. I got a video postcard of the trip sent to my e-mail. Unlike Universal, there were more rides I could actually ride.

Saturday's dinner was at Dick's Last Resort. This chain of restaurants features intentionally rude/obnoxious staff who put bibs and paper hats on the customers, then write insults on each hat. My hat had "My mommy still dresses me." Some of the group previously said they didn't plan to go to Dick's due to the "crappy food and attitude." I liked the food, and the "attitude" is about the same as attending a Don Rickles show or Friars Club roast (It's all in fun.) I had ordered a 45-ounce margarita with my chicken fried chicken, only drinking from one of the two straws in case I needed help finishing it. Either my alcohol tolerance is stronger, the amount of ice in the drink watered it down or my food soaked up most of the alcohol. I got to keep the glass as a souvenir (More like a trophy!)

The group held a pajama party Saturday night. I brought the batch of bacon chocolates I made at home. I forgot to label them or tell anyone what they were (I had put them in a Whitman's box,) so not many people tried them.

The group had breakfast at Denny's on Sunday, then people with later flights brought their luggage into the room of a group member who was staying an extra day so we could hang out at the pool.

There were a few notes I made on planning and packing for future reunions:
* Individually list medications I need to pack. I forgot to pack Zyrtec and acid reflux pills.
* Budget $15-20 for each breakfast, $30-40 for lunch and $40-50 for dinner.
* Ask others about possible rides to/from the airport before booking an airport shuttle.
* Get weight below 250 lbs. and waist below 48 inches to fit in more amusement park rides and airplane seats.
* Factor an extra $50 into room price when splitting cost between roommates.
* For Orlando trips, plan to stay until Monday to visit FPS.

I will definitely wait until I can really afford it before going on another trip like this.

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