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Starting Friday with a stuffy nose made me realize I forgot to pack a bottle of Zyrtec allergy pills. I got some Benadryl from the resort's convenience store.

After flying in to Orlando on a red-eye flight Thursday, I napped for a few hours. The cruise reunion group had dinner that night.

To be continued as I'm starting to doze off.

(The above was written on Friday night.)

On Friday, some of the reunion group went to Universal Islands of Adventure. I was hoping to ride The Hulk roller coaster. The rides with shoulder restraints have a couple of test seats at the ride entrance to see if people will fit into them; I didn't fit into the seats for three of the rides since the safety belts were 2-3 inches too short for me. That's quite ironic that a ride would be named after a character that wouldn't be able to fit in the ride (at least when he gets mad!)

I finally found two rides that could accommodate me, the Spider-Man ride and the Cat In The Hat ride. At the end of the park visit, the group (including me) went on three of the water rides.

I am disappointed that I missed out on riding some of the rides, but that will definitely motivate me to stick to my diet and exercise plan so I can fit into the rides the next time I go.

Thursday night's dinner was at Tu Tu Tango. The group hoped to get into Howl At The Moon before 10 PM, but there was a private event going on until then. We killed some time at the Hooters next door until Howl let us in.

After the Universal trip on Friday, I went back to the resort where the group was staying to shower and change clothes. I returned to Universal later to meet the others for dinner at Margaritaville at Universal City Walk.

Bah! Dozing off again. I'll wrap up my weekend in a day or two.

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