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Unburied treasure

PAY for Sunday, February 19th: 10 hours (5 AM-3 PM)

I'm glad I went through the mail that's been piling up over the past couple of weeks. I found a couple of refund checks from my health insurance company. I'll deposit the checks later today.


Perfectly-sized weekend

Things I need to do this week: Get a haircut, get my car's oil changed and tires rotated, and go through the weekend's mail.

It turns out the plastic tote my fursuit was put in is the perfect size. It's big enough to hold all the fursuit parts, yet small and light enough to carry and fit in my car. For some reason, it just seemed bulkier at first sight.

I went to Tony's Downtown Bar yesterday for a Happy Hour meetup. There was a good-sized group this time: around 65 people. I ordered a Frito chili pie and a mini pitcher of Pabst. Steelwoulfe's game night ended earlier than usual since fewer people showed up this week.

One step closer to RMFC

I reserved my hotel room for this year's RMFC yesterday. Only 172 days away!

I had a few nice nights out over the past week. Last Friday, I went to Benny's Lounge to hear the Psychedelegates play. I read a good review about the lounge's food, so I had an order of their bacon jalapeño poppers. On Sunday, I had dinner with the international cuisine group at La Bella Vita Italian restaurant. I ordered a Primavera salad and lasagna. After work tonight, I'll join the Happy Hour group at a downtown bar.

Kindly pass the Sauerbraten, Herman

I had a great lunch today with the ethnic dining group at the Edelweiss restaurant. I ordered the Sauerbraten (which reminded me of the "Hungarian Goulash" song) and a glass of König Ludwig Weissbier. The group will meet at an Italian restaurant for dinner next Sunday. I'm not completely sure I can make it then, but I hope to.


Super FoxTrot Saturday

PAY for Sunday, February 5th: 10 hours (5 AM-3 PM)

I decided to bring my kigurumi instead of my fursuit to FoxTrot last night. I currently don't have a container that's both large enough to store the fursuit and small enough to fit in my car. I plan to buy a container in a week or two so I can bring my suit from now on.

The meet's new bar, the Denver Wrangler, is in the building where Howl-O-Ween had been held for a few years (formerly the ExDo Annex and the Eden nightclub.) I ate dinner at home before driving to the meet, but the Wrangler does have food service including pizza, burgers and nachos. During the meet, an RMFC staff member let me know the director's chair I forgot to pick up last year would be shipped later this week.

Ready for a warmer weekend

Colorado Springs got more snow today. I had to go to a Toastmasters training tonight, but luckily the roads weren't slick. After the training, I used the Visa gift cards from Christmas to get gas for my car and (with a coupon) dinner/Friday lunch at Burger King.

I'll see if I have a smaller container to store my fursuit. The maker had put it in a giant container which isn't really portable. I still need to have the suit's crotch lowered a bit, but I can't seem to coordinate a repair time with the maker. Since it's still jacket weather, I can just wear the "partial" parts of the suit with my clothes and jacket at FoxTrot. Saturday's weather will be back in the 50s and low-60s.

Getting better at budgeting

PAY for Sunday, January 29th: 10 hours (5 AM-3 PM)

I did a much better job of budgeting my latest paycheck. Since my credit card payment isn't due until the 17th, I will only pay about two-thirds of it this week in order to buy a tank of gas and have more than enough left over for FoxTrot. My life insurance and PayPal Credit payments will also be withdrawn this week, and I'll still have a decent balance left in my accounts. I need to get my car an oil change and get myself a haircut before the weekend.


Fun on a budget

My co-workers' band, The Psychedelegates, played at Jack Quinn's Pub last night. I only had $40 in my wallet, so I spent $29 on one martini and three local beers. I ate dinner at home beforehand, both to save money and soak up the booze.

The organizers of the FoxTrot meet were able to find a new club for next weekend. The group will be at the Denver Wrangler bar, which also has food service. My next paycheck will be deposited on Tuesday, so I won't have to worry about skimping.

I'm glad I didn't get the large!

PAY for Sunday, January 22nd: 10 hours (5 AM-3 PM)

I had dinner with the local Happy Hour group Friday at Jose Muldoon's on the east end of town. I've been to the downtown location with the group a few times, but the east location is less than a mile from my home. I got a dinner plate piled high with nachos (and this was a HALF-order!) I wanted to get the restaurant's Horni Blue margarita, but they were out of blue Curacao. Instead, I had a couple of Black and Gold margaritas.


Another year older

"We need to take a break. Mr. Jefferson has a hot shit in the chamber."

My voice sounded much better on Sunday. My throat still has a tiny bit of congestion left over from my latest cold, but my nose and head are otherwise clear. For Friday's dinner, my dad made a birthday cake which came with Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze as frosting. I bought two slices of German chocolate cake at Safeway yesterday and had one last night for my actual birthday.

Rolling along

I did much better at furry bowling last night. My first game was mostly open frames, but the second and third games were much better. My scores were 88, 138 and 128. The listed host for the meet didn't show, but another furry got everyone set up.

My voice is a little rough this morning due to the last little bit of congestion in my throat and only getting about three hours of sleep after the bowling meet. I have some cough drops and green tea handy. The congestion will hopefully go away tonight since it's no longer getting worse while I sleep.

Fresher weekend

I was running low on groceries this weekend. On Friday, I made four sandwiches to take to work: two bacon, turkey & Swiss and two salami. After work on Saturday, I used some online coupons to buy some sodas and a few frozen and non-frozen meals at Safeway. I need to make sandwiches more often. I didn't feel as sluggish as I sometimes do when I have two or three pre-packaged meals during my work shift.

The head congestion part of my cold is gone. I still have a bit of congestion in my throat which is a pain. I'm making sure to keep hydrated to help get rid of it.


Cold's still clinging on

My cold seems to clear up during the day, then get worse when I sleep. I put on more clothes to sleep and an extra comforter on the bed, and have also been taking Vitamin C and DayQuil. I still have a bag of throat lozenges in my briefcase in case I need them at work this weekend. I need to get more Kleenex tomorrow since I'm down to my last box tonight.

At dinner, my dad told me he had rented the movie "Sausage Party," not knowing it was rated R and had plenty of cursing.

Looking for new trotting place

I heard last night that the club where FoxTrot has been held for the past year is closing.


Hopefully the next club where FoxTrot happens will be as roomy as M Uptown. I liked the option of having dinner with my drinks, even though some of the recent menu changes look like they were lifted from the "This is why you're fat" websites.


Unwanted wake-up calls

About a week ago, my bedroom clock's alarm somehow turned itself on, waking me up at 4:15 AM on Monday and Tuesday. The clock's touch screen stopped working for some reason, so the only way to turn off the alarm was to unplug the clock. I plugged it back in today and it's working normally again. I initially planned to buy a new clock today if the old one didn't work.

I caught a small cold last night. The only annoyances so far are light congestion and a dry throat. I'm drinking more water today to help alleviate those.

I woke up to some light snow today. Most of the roads were clear. I went to a lunch meetup with the international cuisine group at a European cafe. I had a curry chicken pita pocket.

Happy New... zzzzzzz!

I went to a New Year's Eve party last night. The party was hosted by a member of my singles group; about 60 people attended. I napped for a few hours between work and the party. I had hoped to stay past midnight. Unfortunately, I found myself starting to feel sleepy again around 11:15 (and wanting to get some rest before work) and headed home. I made sure to alternate between drinking alcohol and water so I wouldn't get drunk at the party or be hung over in the morning.

I'll go ahead and start this countdown: 222 days until Rocky Mountain Fur Con!

A look back

1. Singles cruise (yes!)
2. Furry Fiesta and RMFC (yes!)
3. Get a fursuit (yes!)
4. Get (and keep) my weight below 300. (no.)
5. Stick to a schedule for certain duties (taking out the trash, checking the mail, etc.) or just stop putting things off until the last minute. (no.)

It felt very good to finally meet some goals that were financially impossible before. I finally have a collie fursuit, though I still need to arrange for its maker to make an adjustment or two so it fits properly.

This year, I began sessions with a new therapist. I hadn't seen a therapist since my former one retired in 2014. I had a few medical issues, including an infection which caused my lower lip to swell up. I finally asked a doctor about being tested for sleep apnea and now have an APAP machine to help me sleep better.

2017 GOALS
Weight below 280
Second vacation (BLFC or DC singles reunion)

The second vacation goal might not be possible if the singles reunion is the same weekend as KRCC's spring membership drive.

Mushy white Christmas

A mix of rain and snow began overnight. It was mostly rain by the time I got up at 4 AM. The roads and sidewalks are slushy, but not slick. This wet snow and enough of the leftover snow from last week will make this a white Christmas. If I'm not feeling too sleepy by the end of my shift today, I will have dinner with my family tonight.

My co-workers' band, The Psychedelegates, played at Jack Quinn's Pub on Friday night. I initially planned to try the pub's shepherd's pie, but I thought it would be too much. I got a reuben sandwich instead. The jalapenos used for the bacon-wrapped jalapeno appetizer were much bigger than I expected. I also had a few creme brulee martinis.

Ho ho ho! Eee-yoy!

I've confirmed that I will be working over the Christmas weekend. I will let my dad know about this later today since I usually spend Christmas with the family. Speaking of work, the "end-of-year donation" announcements are abbreviated "EOY," which I secretly pronounce as "eee-yoy." The roads to work today were about 30% clear, 60% snow-packed and 10% icy. I left home earlier and drove a bit slower, so I didn't slide at all. The snow/ice should at least partially melt on Monday afternoon.

I felt a bit stuffy after getting home yesterday. I was able to knock it out quickly before it could develop into a cold.

Cooling way off

The Toastmasters club held its monthly potluck and final meeting of the year yesterday. I brought a few small bags of chips, a jar of salsa and a Santa Fe chicken pizza from Blackjack Pizza to the meeting.

I had put cocoa on my shopping list this week for my dad. He gave me two boxes of Swiss Miss he had bought years ago for my grandmother, with expiration dates in 2011 and 2012. I looked up the shelf life of the cocoa, and I'm really not confident it is any good now. I'll buy some fresh cocoa after work today.

Today's snow and single-digit temperatures are a big change from Friday's sunny high of 60 degrees. The roads were snow-packed on the drive to work, though snowplows were out this morning. I only slid a couple of times. Thankfully I didn't crash into anything. I'll adjust my morning alarm tonight so I can leave for work 10-15 minutes earlier than usual. I initially wanted to attend a Happy Hour meetup after work, but I'll skip that due to the road conditions.
I enjoyed the KRCC holiday party Sunday night. The restaurant where the party was held is awesome and has great food. However, I need to remember to have a light snack before the party since the food isn't served until 30 minutes or so later. I got a beer when I first arrived. I only took a few sips before the food came out because drinking on an empty stomach triggers my acid reflux. The party this year was much more relaxing for me because no one brought kids.

Not so hot to Trot

Even though I'm well-rested and awake, I don't feel like going out tonight to FoxTrot. In past years, I've had to skip the December FoxTrot due to icy roads. The roads are clear this time, but I'm a bit short on cash and need to buy groceries either Sunday or Monday. Also, KRCC's Christmas party is Sunday night. I'll still take part in some long-distance furry activities tonight since Steelwoulfe's Jackbox game stream starts in a half-hour or so.

Snowy sidewalks, but clear roads

I had a follow-up appointment with my physician today. I've been on the increased dose of generic Prozac for a few weeks now, and it's helped me be less anxious. After the appointment, I picked up a jug of purified water for my APAP machine. I'm glad I don't have any other appointments or errands until Friday since it snowed last night and this morning. The roads were mostly snow-free, but the high temperature won't get back above freezing until Friday. There's only a 10% chance of snow showers in Denver on Saturday night, when FoxTrot will take place. It'll be clear again on Sunday for the KRCC Christmas party.

So far, my Christmas list has three items: a floor lamp, a Tupperware bowl set and a pair of Heat Holders socks. I wanted to add a shredder, but most of the shredder models I saw were at least $100; the ones specifically labeled as cardboard shredders were over $2,000.

Belated Thankfulness

I know this is late for Thanksgiving, but I'm thankful that I still have my weekend radio job. Back in June, I was informed the station would become automated eventually on weekends. Either the process is taking longer than expected or (hopefully) management decided to cancel that plan. I'm glad my Saturday shift was moved back to mornings so I can attend more weekend meetups. I initally wanted a shift starting at 9 or 10 AM so I could still sleep in, but I'll take the earlier start and extra hours!

Sometime in January, I should know whether I can attend a singles cruise reunion happening in April. I hope the reunion will not be the same weekend as the radio station's membership drive.

Smooth drive to work

An inch or two of snow fell yesterday. Parts of the roads in my neighborhood are a bit icy. Thankfully, there was very little ice on the roads to work this morning. Temperatures will be back above freezing during the daytime over the weekend.


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